Defense Attorney, Valerie Neita Robertson Q.C., says it appears Chief Parish Court Judge, Judith Pusey, is being unfairly castigated for her handling of a case which has raised several eyebrows this week.

Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewelyn has suggested that Chief Justice Zaila McCalla has a word with Judge Pusey about her conduct after she convicted 33-year-old Nerice Samuels without testimony, trial, or a lawyer present.

The Court of Appeal has since quashed the conviction.

Mrs. Neita Robertson says Judge Pusey often faces difficult circumstances in the Court.

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The Queen’s Counsel says had the then accused changed her plea to guilty and her explanation of the circumstances supported the plea, Judge Pusey would have been right to proceed with sentencing.

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Meanwhile, Mrs. Neita Robertson is chiding DPP Llewelyn for her comments regarding Judge Pusey.

Mrs. Llewellyn had reportedly said Miss Samuels’ conviction was a “clear and blatant disregard by the Bench for due process”.

The DPP said Judge Pusey’s error, which was identified by the Appeals court, cannot be excused because this is not the first occasion she had similarly blundered.

Mrs. Neita Robertson says the DPP’s comments are unwarranted.

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Mrs. Neita Robertson says Ms. Llewellyn’s comments shouldn’t have entered the public domain for further discussion.

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