The North-East Regional Health Authority, NERHA, has launched an investigation into an altercation that took place in the parking lot of the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital on Sunday.

It says the altercation was among members of the security team, visitors, and a staff member at about 5:34 in the afternoon.

In footage circulating on social media, persons can be seen throwing blows in two separate fights in the parking lot as others rush over to deescalate the situation.

NERHA says they’re committed to a thorough and impartial investigation that will provide a clear understanding of the incident.

The Health Authority says it anticipates that the findings from the investigation will yield further details and insights into the matter and is committed to transparency throughout the investigation process.

Meanwhile, NERHA says it understands the impact this incident may have had on the individuals involved, and in this regard, counselling and support services are being made available to staff members, patients, visitors, and other stakeholders who may’ve been affected emotionally or physically.