Chief Engineer at National Energy Solutions Limited, NESOL Anthony Brown today told members of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, PAAC, he was uncomfortable with arrangements concerning Lawrence Pommels.

He told Opposition MP, Fitz Jackson, that Pommels was promoted to Operations Engineer; a post unheard of in the organization.

Brown says Pommels then reported directly to the Managing Director Carolyn Warren, whom he says has no technical training.

Brown told the PAAC that Pommels was the least qualified of the 4 Engineers at the company to replace him in his absence for a 7-month vacation.

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Mr Pommels is the Operations Engineer at NESOL. He’s currently on money laundering charges in relation to over 85 million dollars cash found at his home in St Catherine.

Mr Brown says Pommels replaced him as a signatory for the company.

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Mr Brown says it was unheard of the way Pommels was made to operate at NESOL as a lesser qualified Engineer.

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