Newly installed Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation, Inspector Blanche Codner, says former chairman Corporal Rohan James went behind the back of the federation’s central committee when he filed contempt proceedings in the Supreme Court last year.

This follows a letter shared on social media by Corporal James asserting that the Federation colluded with the High Command to replace him as Chairman.

Mahiri Stewart has that report.

Corporal James cites his decision to file contempt proceedings in the Supreme Court in relation to the JCF’s failure to implement court orders for an overtime system as the reason for his ousting as Police Federation Chairman.

He claims that the organisation has put the matter on hold to ensure that they remove him from the Central Committee of the Federation.

This, he claims, is a ploy to have the matter withdrawn from the court.

However, Inspector Codner has labelled Corporal James’ comments as lies.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning, Inspector Codner says Corporal James blind sided the Federation’s Central Committee in the manner in which he filed the proceedings.

Inspector Codner says some of the proceedings have since been withdrawn.

She says the federation is seeking to come to an agreement with the High Command outside of court.

Inspector Codner maintains that she, as the new chair, has the full support of the federation’s central committee.