New security measures have been announced for the various sites of the North/South Highway being constructed by China Harbour Construction Company, CHEC.

This comes on the heels of the murder of four men transporting a payroll to the Caymanas to Bog Walk leg of the Highway last Sunday.

Following a meeting at the Caymanas to Bog Walk site office yesterday, several decisions were taken in relation to the rules of engagement on the sites.

CHEC says as of Monday, October 20, a dedicated officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police Mark Allen will have responsibility for security of all CHEC sites.

DSP Allen will be given terms of reference and additional resources to adequately carry out his duties.

In addition to his regular duties of securing life and property at the sites, he is expected to engage in community outreach programmes with a view to strengthening the bond between the police and the various communities.

CHEC says with immediate effect it’ll change the rules of engagement as they relate to the employment of persons.

This it says will involve rigorous background checks being done by the police on prospective employees.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police Dr. Carl Williams disclosed that the police are in possession of some good leads as they relate to the perpetrators of the murders on Sunday.

Commissioner Williams encouraged persons who may have any information relative to the incident to tell the police what they know.