The newly installed Data Commissioner, Celia Barclay, is urging people to know their rights and be vigilant against companies that collect and process personal information. 

She was addressing a panel discussion this morning held to observe Data Protection Day today. 

According to Ms Barclay, data protection is a collaborative effort.

She says the Data Commissioner’s Office was established under the data protection legislation as a regulatory body.

Ms Barclay says the office is also tasked with informing data subjects of their rights and data controllers of their responsibilities. 

She says there’s a two year transition period during which, companies should properly establish a data protection regime in order to comply with the legislation.

The data commissioner says as data subjects, people have the right to certain information about their data.

She says the office can intervene in cases where companies fail to provide answers to those questions.

Celia Barclay, Data Commissioner. 

She says data controllers must get people’s consent to collect and process their data.