Police Commissioner, Dr. Kevin Blake, says he’ll be working hard to help Jamaicans have renewed faith in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF.

Dr. Blake officially took up the baton as head of the JCF, during a Change of Command Ceremony at the Office of the Police Commissioner on Old Hope Road in St. Andrew on Monday evening.

Mahiri Stewart was there. 

Dr. Kevin Blake has pledged to continue the modernisation of the JCF.

Dr. Blake officially assumed the reins of the JCF from Major General Antony Anderson on Tuesday. He’s vowing to establish the JCF as a trusted superintendent of law and order in the country.

Dr. Blake is a 20 year veteran of the JCF. He’s the 15th native Jamaican to assume the post.

Dr. Blake is sending an early warning to criminals and their facilitators.

And Commissioner Blake is pledging to make Jamaica a safer country on his watch.

Dr. Kevin Blake, the new Commissioner of Police.