Newly elected President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, PSOJ, Metry Seaga, says he will need time before committing the organisation to long term support of the use of States of Public Emergency.

Mr. Seaga took over as head of the private sector group yesterday.

His predecessor, Keith Duncan, had led the organisation in strongly supporting the government’s use of the emergency security measure.

But Mr. Seaga says the possibility exists that the PSOJ’s position on the matter could change.

Mr. Seaga says a key priority is to ensure that lasting consensus is reached on how to tackle crime.

Seaga has also served as the President of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

The new PSOJ boss says a long term approach is needed to fix Jamaica’s national security challenges.

He says the political one upmanship on crime has to stop.

He’s calling for a united approach to the issue.

Metry Seaga, President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Mr. Seaga has welcomed the government’s announcement of a new stand by facility with the International Monetary Fund, IMF.

He says on the face of it, the agreement is a progressive move.

The agreement, once finalized, will allow Jamaica to access a Precautionary and Liquidity Line and the Resilience and Sustainability Facility with combined access of 1.7 billion US Dollars.

The IMF’s Executive Board is expected to consider these requests in early 2023.

The historic agreement will see Jamaica able to access the funds at concessionary rates with lenient repayment terms over 20 years.

The PSOJ says the arrangement will afford the country protection from external or internal shocks.

Metry Seaga, PSOJ President.