As pressure builds on the government for its failure to speedily deliver the country’s amended road traffic law, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Dr Alwin Hales, says the new-look legislation will be in force by January 2020.

Yesterday, Vice Chairman of the Road Safety Council, Dr Lucien Jones, told our news centre he was still unclear as to when the regulations governing the act would be ready.

Dr Jones was also unable to explain the real reason for the delays in enacting the necessary regulations.

Nationwide News spoke with the Ministry’s Chief Accounting Officer this afternoon.

Neika Lewis reports.

Permanent Secretary in the Transport Ministry, Dr Alwin Hales, says Jamaicans can expect a full roll out of the New Road Traffic regulations by January 2020.

But, Dr Hales says sections of the New Road Traffic Act are already being enforced.

He also says the volume of work to be done and resource constraints have impacted the timely delivery of the regulations.

The new-look Road Traffic bill was passed in the Lower House on February 6, 2018 with a total 131 approved amendments.

It received the support of both sides of the House.

Months later on December 8 , 2018, the Senate approved the amended Road Traffic Act.

The New Act seeks to repeal and replace the existing Road Traffic Act of 1938.