The government’s revised standards for the retail sale of sugar are now in effect.

The new standards require retailers to now supply the commodity in pre-packaged bags not tied with a string or knot.

Label information must include product and brand names, net content, the manufacturer’s name and address, distributors, importers and vendors.

The label must also include storage conditions, country of origin, date markings and instructions for use.

The new standards came into effect on Saturday.

In a statement over the weekend, the government says the move is in recognition of the potential health risks posed to consumers accustomed to buying sugar retailed in transparent unlabelled plastic bags.

The government says for their own health and safety, consumers are advised to now only buy properly labelled and packaged sugar.

Industry Minister, Karl Samuda, says the Consumer Affairs Commission is to increase its vigilance in the marketplace in monitoring the packaging and quality of sugar being sold.