The anti-corruption group, National Integrity Action (NIA) says Agriculture Minister, Karl Samuda should resign in light of the ‘Mombassa Grass’ controversy.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Professor Trevor Munroe led group said it welcomes the office of the Contractor General’s investigation into issues surrounding the grass project.

The NIA Executive Director is urging the Contractor General’s office to conclude its investigation quickly.

The anti-corruption group says it’s interested in a pronouncement from the Contractor General on whether principles of transparency, accountability, integrity and good governance were breached.

The NIA says it notes that Minister Samuda has now paid for the grass.

However, it says the Minister obviously derived personal benefit, at least to the extent of the work done by a public body for which he has Ministerial responsibility.

The NIA says in light of the concerns Minister Samuda should seriously consider tendering his resignation to Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Speaking in the parliament last week, Minister Samuda said he’d paid 546 thousand dollars for any work done on his farm under the project.

He admitted that the affair raised questions and speculations.

The Minister, in denying that he used his influence to derive any benefit under the project, said he would have done things differently had he thought about it properly.

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