The National Integrity Action, NIA, is joining the private sector organization of Jamaica, PSOJ, in condemning statements made recently on the political platform by two members of the PNP executive, Mikael Phillips and Basil Waite.

Waite was recently criticized for referring to some JLP supporters as some likkle nasty naygah.

While Phillips received backlash this week for saying JLP supporters have to leave his constituency when he and his team hit the road.

Both men have apologized for their comments.

In a statement, the NIA said both comments are unacceptable and a breach of the political code of conduct.

According to the NIA, the breaches should be taken seriously and sanctions applied.

The NIA says it must be noted that registered political parties are bound by law to uphold the Code under the pain of sanctions for failing to do so.

According to the lobby group, sanctions may include the de- registration of the party in breach.

The NIA says it feels compelled to remind political representatives of the relevant provisions in the Code, which clearly condemn statements which may have the effect of encouraging political intimidation.

According to the NIA, it must be noted that the political code of conduct forbids statements of a threatening or intimidatory nature.

And also forbids statements which are inflammatory or malicious in reference to opposing party officials.