Principal Director of the National Integrity Action, Danielle Archer, has joined the call for Marisa Dalrymple Philibert to be removed as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The mounting calls for Mrs. Dalrymple Philibert to step down as House Speaker stem from a report from the Integrity Commission, which recommended that charges be laid against her for making false declarations about her ownership of a Mercedes-Benz motorcar.

She’s facing eight charges under the Integrity Commission Act and Parliament’s Integrity of Members Act.

Speaking on Nationwide @5 on Wednesday, Ms. Archer says the decision by the Holness-led administration to have her preside over Tuesday’s sitting of the Lower House is a bad reflection on good governance.

Ms. Archer is also calling on the Prime Minister to intervene.

She says the House Speaker is not above the law.

Danielle Archer, Principal Director of the National Integrity Action.

Meanwhile, Social Commentator and Observer Columnist, Dr. Raulston Nembhard, says given Mrs. Dalrymple Philibert’s good track record, it’s in her own interest to step down as House Speaker and seek to clear her name.

He says given the mountain of charges being laid against her, the perception of Jamaica having a corrupt government will be further driven in the minds of the people if she’s not removed from her post.

Dr. Raulston Nembhard, Social Commentator and Observer Columnist.

He was also speaking on Nationwide at 5 on Wednesday, with hosts Cliff Hughes and Chevon Campbell.