National Integrity Action, NIA says its satisfied with the responses given by Opposition Leader Andrew Holness regarding the filing of his statutory declarations.

On Monday, the NIA wrote to Mr. Holness asking whether any of his statutory declarations for 2011, 2012 or 2013 were outstanding.

It also wanted Mr. Holness to state whether he failed to reply to subsequent queries by Parliament’s Integrity Commission in relation to any of the declarations.

In a statement last evening, Mr. Holness gave a detailed statement about the source of funds for his Beverly Hills home.

Executive Director of the NIA, Professor Trevor Munroe, says Mr. Holness has addressed the relevant issues.

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Professor Munroe says some other issues of interest to the NIA were answered in a roundabout way by Mr. Holness.

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Professor Munroe says the non publication of the annual reports by the Integrity Commission makes it difficult to test the veracity of Mr. Holness’ statement.