Principal Director of National Integrity Action, NIA, Danielle Archer, says the matter of how reports from the Auditor General are handled by the parliament needs to be settled in court.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Juliet Holness directed that two reports from the Auditor General, that had been the subject of a back and forth between parliament and the Auditor General’s Department, be tabled.

But, there’s still uncertainty about how future reports from that department will be handled when sent directly to the House Speaker.

Robian Williams reports.

Danielle Archer says Jamaicans are no clearer today about how other special audit reports from the Auditor General, which for decades have been sent directly to parliament for tabling, will now be handled.

One of the two reports in question was first sent to parliament for tabling on December 28 last year.

The second was sent on January 29 this year.

Both reports were ordered returned to the Auditor General by the House Speaker last week.

The Auditor General promptly sent them back to parliament this week.

Miss Archer says many Jamaicans remain unconvinced by the House Speaker’s management of the issue.

Miss Archer says it may be best to send the matter to court for an ultimate settlement.

The Opposition PNP has suggested it may take the matter to court.