Financial Analyst Dennis Chung, says NIDS makes no sense if it’s not mandatory by law. 

In 2019, the Supreme Court ruled that the 2017 National Identification and Registration Act, NIRA, should be struck down as null, void and of no legal effect.

Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, said the mandatory nature of NIDS was an issue, as persons would face the risk of criminal prosecution.

Last month, Prime Minister Andrew Holness told parliament that under the new law being proposed, it will not be mandatory for people to be part of the NIDS.

But Mr. Chung says, that decision has watered down the expected gains of the Identification system. 

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Mr. Chung says he understands the courts decisions. 

But he says the push for a non compulsory identification system has damaged its potential.

He says being voluntary means NIDS will not be able to address the nation’s squatting issues, as expected.

He says generally the legislation is a good one. 

But Mr Chung says there are other areas of concern.

He says some companies may also have challenges establishing a data protection unit as demanded by the Data Protection legislation. 

That legislation is to work in conjunction with the NIDS law.