A significant number of Jamaicans believe the government is extremely corrupt.

The number of Jamaicans who believe the Andrew Holness administration is extremely corrupt is almost 6 times the number of people who think the government is not at all corrupt.

These are among the findings of the latest Nationwide Bluedot polls powered by Total Tools.

Tauna Thomas reports:

The issue of corruption has been dogging the Holness administration for years now.

And the perception of a corrupt JLP government has only increased half way into the life of Holness’ 2nd term.

The Opposition and civil society have been hammering the government on the issue of corruption and its attacks on the Integrity Commission.

Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, has labelled the Holness administration as one of the most corrupt in the history of the country.

That was Mark Golding in January this year.

More recently he has pounced on the government demanding that prime Minister Holness name the 6 Parliamentarians who are being investigated by the Integrity Commission for Illicit enrichment.

The Bluedot Pollsters probed this issue of corruption when they went into the field between August 18 and September 7.

Jamaicans were asked on a scale of zero to ten where zero is “Not at all corrupt” and ten means “Extremely Corrupt”, how corrupt do you think the current government is?

The greatest number of those surveyed responded that the government was extremely corrupt.

That figure stood at 31.53%.

Another 16.31% of respondents were directly in the middle of the rating scale at number 5.

The two figures were the only ones extended into the double digits in response to the corruption scale.

Following next was nearly 10% of respondents who rated the government’s corruption problem on the extreme end of the scale at number 8.

Only 5.33% of respondents didn’t believe the government was any at all corrupt.

The findings on Jamaican’s perception of how corrupt the government is follows other keys findings regarding citizens’ trust for the administration.

Earlier this week, the Nationwide Bluedot polls revealed that a plurality of Jamaicans did not trust the government.

The survey found that more than 39% of Jamaicans distrust the government greatly.

That’s 7-percentage points higher than it was six months ago in March this year.

There were 1,294 respondents.

Ninety-four per cent of the respondents are registered voters.

The poll has a margin of error of 2.75%.