With Prime Minister Andrew Holness set to announce the date of the country’s 18th general elections since adult suffrage in 1944, his governing Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, is comfortably ahead in the latest Nationwide Bluedot polls.

The polls have found the JLP running ahead of the opposition People’s National Party, PNP, by 18-percentage points.

It’s widely anticipated that the Prime Minister will announce the date of the general elections tomorrow in Parliament.

The expected announcement follows a number of public opinion polls showing his party well ahead of the PNP.

The latest Nationwide Bluedot poll finds the JLP enjoying the support of 52-per cent of respondents who were asked which party’s candidate would they vote for if a general election were being held today.

34-per cent said they’d vote for the PNP.

That’s an 18-point lead for the JLP… Up 6-percentage points since last December when Bluedot asked the same question.

At that time, 56-per cent said they’d vote for the JLP and 44-per cent for the PNP.

The latest Nationwide Bluedot polls were conducted between July 20 and August 6, across the island.

They interviewed 1-thousand-2-hundred Jamaicans 18 years and older and who are registered to vote.

The poll findings have a margin of error of 2-point-7-5-per cent.

Yesterday, the Jamaica Observer Bill Johnson polls also found the JLP well ahead of the PNP with a 19-percentage point lead.

In that poll, when asked how they would vote in a general election, 36-per cent of the respondents said JLP and 17-per cent PNP.

The Observer Johnson poll was conducted one week earlier than the Bluedot poll.

It was done between July 9 and 12 and had a similar sample size of 12-hundred with a margin of error of 2-point-5-per cent.