More than 60 per cent of Jamaicans have a negative view of the performance of the country’s constabulary force. Sixty-four per cent of them say the constabulary has not gotten better at solving crime.

That’s according to the latest Nationwide/Bluedot polls, powered by Total Tools.

The results come the same day it was revealed that 90 per cent of Jamaicans view crime as their top concern.

Ricardo Brooks reports.

Despite a string of high profile arrests, noticeable improvements in disrupting gangs, getting guns, a reduction in murder, and greater use of technology in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Jamaicans remain largely unimpressed.

In fact, a majority of them don’t believe the JCF has improved at all.

Bluedot pollsters asked 1,878 registered voters whether they believe the country’s primer crime fighting force has gotten better at solving crime. Sixty-four per cent said no. Only 38 per cent responded in the affirmative.

When asked whether they believed the JCF had improved its communication with the public, 64 per cent said no. Only 36 per cent said yes.

When asked whether they saw any improvement in the service delivery of the police force over the last five years, 53 per cent said no. Forty-seven per cent indicated they had seen an improvement.

Interestingly, voters who identified themselves as PNP supporters appeared to have less faith in the police. In some cases, PNP supporters were 20 percentage points less likely to have faith in the capacity of the police force.

Sixty-eight per cent of self identified PNP supporters believed the police had not improved in solving crime. That’s compared to the 48 per cent of JLP supporters who said yes.

Sixty-seven per cent of PNP leaning supporters said they believed the police had not improved its communication with the public. This is compared to 44 per cent of JLP supporters who gave the opposite response.

Sixty-one per cent of JLP supporters say the police have improved their service delivery to the public, while 61 per cent of PNP supporters say no.

The leadership of the People’s National Party has been highly critical of the police commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson. The Opposition has also called into question the accuracy of official police crime statistics.

The Nationwide/Bluedot poll was conducted between January 19 and February 6. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2-point-2-5 percent.