More Jamaicans would vote for the Jamaica Labour Party if elections were called today.

That’s according to the latest information from the Nationwide News Bluedot Polls powered by Total Tools.

Head researcher for Bluedot Insights, Jenee Stephens-Taylor, presented the findings on Nationwide at Five on Friday.

The data was collected from 1,294 respondents between August 18 and September 7. Ninety-four per cent of the respondents are registered voters.

However, the poll suggests both political parties have enjoyed an improvement in support compared to the last survey conducted in February of this year.

Mrs. Stephens-Taylor says data suggests the People’s National Party has narrowed the gap with the governing JLP.

Meanwhile, there’s a more than 10 point gap between the two parties among respondents regarding who would be better suited to lead the country at this time.

Currently the JLP was given the nod among a plurality of Jamaicans.

Jenee Stephens-Taylor, head researcher for Bluedot Insights.