A majority of Jamaicans retain confidence in the government’s ability to manage the economy.

That’s according to the latest ‘Nationwide Bluedot Polls, powered by Total Tools’.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

The management of the country’s economic affairs amid the storms caused by the global pandemic, has been a source of pride for Andrew Holness and his government.

Here’s the Prime Minister speaking in November last year.

The ‘Nationwide/Bluedot polls, powered by Total Tools’, were conducted between February 22 and March 7.

The findings show that more than half or just over 53% of Jamaicans rate the government’s economic handling as ‘fair to very good’.

When the figures are dissected, just under 35% of respondents gave the Holness Administration a middling appraisal of fair.

Almost 13% ranked the government as doing a good job, while 5 1/2% of respondents gave them full marks.

According to the polls, a little under 47% of those polled gave Mr. Holness’ cabinet a negative rating for their handling of the economy.

Twenty four-point-eight percent view the government’s economic management as poor, while 22% assessed them as very poor.

In a recent article, the globally respected Financial Times of London called the Jamaican story an economic miracle.

But it’s clear, there are many Jamaicans who don’t share that view.

And it’s those people with whom the Opposition Leader Mark Golding will look to find favour, when he makes his contribution to the budget debate on Tuesday

1174 people across all 63 constituencies responded to the question.

More than 90% of participants in the poll are registered voters.

It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7%.

Chevon Campbell for Nationwide News.