Chairman of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica, BSJ, Professor Winston Davidson, says there’s no evidence of bad diesel fuel being sold in Jamaica.

Professor Davidson spoke with our news centre this morning.

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Nationwide News has received several reports from persons who suspect that bad diesel may have caused damage to their motor vehicles or equipment.

One caller, who identified himself as Norman, describes what happened to the engine of his Toyota motorvehicle.

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Professor Davidson says to date the BSJ has not tested diesel fuel, because there’s been no need to.

Professor Winston Davidson, Chairman of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Rubis Energy says they will be complying with a directive by Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell to declare the name and purpose of all additives used in their fuel blends.

The directive was issued on January 6, giving fuel distributors ten days to comply.

In response to queries from Nationwide News, Rubis Energy says they will comply within the stipulated timeframe.

They say the response will be made directly to the Minister.

However, Rubis has not yet complied with a request from the Bureau of Standards Jamaica, BSJ, to supply a B-sample from their Rockfort facility for testing.

Rubis says they are unable to provide a B-sample of additized 90 octane gasoline, because their stock is depleted.

They say they’ve offered to have the BSJ take a sample from the tank, but the Bureau has rejected that, saying they need a sample from the truck while it’s being loaded.

Rubis says while they are still out of 90 octane gasoline, the BSJ is welcome to test the 87 octane fuel at their leisure.