King’s Counsel Peter Champagnie proposed in court today that his client, 20-year old Matthew Hyde, be granted bail under the condition that he be housed at an adult day-care centre for persons with mental-health issues.

Hyde, the university of the West Indies student, who’s charged with assaulting his girlfriend, appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court this morning for a bail hearing.

Our court reporter Robian Williams tells us more.

King’s Counsel Champagnie presented a psychiatric report to the court.

He submitted that the report contains sensitive and delicate information regarding Hyde’s mental state.

For that reason he spoke guardedly.

He said a psychiatrist went to the lockup to examine and interview Hyde.

Mr. Champagnie noted with great emphasis, that Hyde has never been given an opportunity to either have sustained care of a particular nature or treatment.

He added that Hyde has been, “almost like someone in no man’s land,” from an early age.

The King’s Counsel said if “bail is bail”, he doesn’t believe that Hyde’s immediate caregivers are in a position to provide accommodation for him.

He suggested an institution where Hyde can be treated by a psychiatrist.

Mr. Champagnie stated that at age twenty, no one has had any regard for Hyde’s primary situation and that he has never received any form of treatment.

He added that it’s a miracle he has done so well academically for him to even be a student of the University of the West Indies.

Meanwhile, Mr. Champagnie said some of the allegations in the complainant’s statement, such as false imprisonment, will be difficult to prove.

He said the complainant and Hyde have known each other from they were 12-years old.

Mr. Champagnie expressed that as a father of four daughters, he’s against any man who would dare lay his hands on a woman, adding that there’s no justification for such an action.

Hyde sat in the dock, listening attentively with his fingers intertwined.

His mother was present in court.

The allegations are that Hyde held his girlfriend captive for three days in his dorm room and tortured her.

The police say following a disagreement, Hyde repeatedly beat her and burned her with a clothes iron all over her body.

He is charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, malicious communication and false imprisonment.

Hyde was remanded in custody until March 31 when the bail application will continue.

Robian Williams, for Nationwide news.