Opposition Senator Ruel Reid says the government is in no position to offer anything meaningful to public sector workers during wage negotiations set to begin next year.

Public Service Minister, Horace Dalley, has said that there’s no chance the government will ask the workers to abide by another wage freeze for the new contract period.

He says there’ll be something on the table, while acknowledging that it may not be a substantial offer.

But as we hear in this report from Orville Burke, Senator Reid believes the realities facing the country guarantee that the workers will be dissatisfied with government’s offer.

Senator Ruel Reid made the comments today as he contributed to the debate on the flexi-work bill in the upper house of Parliament.

Senator Reid says the pending arrangements under the bill will allow more Jamaicans to take on additional jobs, as they fight to survive in a punishing economy.

Senator Reid says public sector workers have no reason to be optimistic about what the government plans to offer as a wage increase.

Senator Reid says the government’s struggles with growing the economy stands as the enemy of public sector workers.