In his statement to Parliament on the controversy, the National Security Minister, says the British Government got it wrong when it conveyed the impression that a prisoner transfer agreement has been finalized with Jamaica.

Minister Bunting says the fact is that the Jamaica Government has only agreed to explore the possibility of an agreement.

A statement issued on September 30 from the office of Prime Minister David Cameron, says a signed agreement between the UK and Jamaica allows Jamaican prisoners serving time in British prisons to return home.

That statement was on the website of the office of the British Prime Minister up to shortly before 5 this afternoon.

Peter Bunting told Parliament this afternoon that the UK got it wrong.

Concerns have been expressed that a prisoner transfer agreement could be an unaffordable burden on Jamaican taxpayers.

The Security Minister says he’ll ensure that the taxpayer is unaffected by any agreement which may be signed.

Bunting told parliament that the issue at the heart of the discussions with the UK Government over a prisoner transfer deal, is human rights.

He says there are concerns regarding the treatment of Jamaican prisoners.

Minister Bunting says a prisoner transfer agreement will only be signed after adequate public education and wide ranging consultations are carried out.

He says the Diaspora will also be consulted and a joint select committee of parliament will consider the matter.

He lashed out at those who’ve criticized the signing of the MOU.