Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he has no evidence that former Energy Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley interfered in the hiring process at Petrojam.

The Prime Minister made the disclosure while he responded to questions from Opposition Members of Parliament in the House of Representatives yesterday.

Mr. Holness was asked whether Dr. Wheatley influenced the hiring of several people at Petrojam including a Human Resources Manager.

Prime Minister Holness told Opposition MPs that he’s told Dr. Wheatley that if evidence surfaces that the former Energy Minister is guilty of Ministerial overreach, he’d demand that Wheatley step down from his Cabinet. But Mr. Holness says he has no such evidence.

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The Prime Minister also told Parliament that it’s the senior management of Petrojam who should be held accountable if it’s discovered that the hiring of a new Human Resources manager was flawed.

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Holness was pressed by Opposition MP, Fitz Jackson, about whether Dr. Wheatley caused people connected to him to gain employment.

Mr. Holness reiterated that he has no such evidence.

He told Mr. Jackson that if people connected to all politicians were to be disqualified from jobs in the public sector, even he, Jackson, would have questions to answer.

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The Prime Minister hit back when asked by Mr. Jackson and Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, about why despite allegations in the public domain, he has not sacked Dr. Wheatley.

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In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness was asked by Mr. Jackson whether Floyd Grindley resigned or was fired yesterday as General Manager of Petrojam.

Mr. Holness said he was not immediately clear on the exact details of the separation of Grindley as Petrojam boss.

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