Industry Minister, Anthony Hylton, says there’s no clear timeline for the establishment of a final framework to guide the development of Jamaica’s Cannabis Industry.

Minister Hylton says he’s awaiting the final recommendations from a three member team of consultants, to guide the drafting of the regulations for the industry.

He says the main challenge is to craft a framework that accords with both international best practices and the Jamaican reality.

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Minister Hylton says the consultants should deliver their report by the end of September.

Meanwhile, the head of the Cannabis Advisory Business Council, Professor Anthony Clayton, says it’s proving to be a difficult task to find a regulatory model that serves both small farmers and large ganja investors.

He says there’s a danger that the Cannabis Industry could become over or under regulated.

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Minister Hylton says all will be done to ensure that the regulations safeguard children from the dangers posed by the derivatives of cannabis.

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