Education Minister, Ruel Reid, says no contingencies exist to support schools in the case of a large scale industrial action by teachers.

The Minister’s comments come as the JTA is heading into another meeting with the government regarding wage negotiations for the 2017-2019 contract period.

The Minister says any strike action by the teachers at the start of the new school term could severely compromise the system.

The JTA will tomorrow head into another round of wage negotiations with the government.

Speaking with Nationwide News this morning, JTA President Georgia Waugh Richards says if nothing changes, teachers can’t guarantee a normal start to the new school term next week.

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In response, Minister Reid says a full-scale strike could have serious consequences for the public education system.

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He says the Ministry is working towards a speedy end to the wage negotiations.

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The Minister was speaking with Nationwide News this afternoon.

However, despite the threat of strike action, Minister Reid says everything is in place for the resumption of school next week.

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