The head of the Guidance Counselors Association of Jamaica, Nina Dixon says none of her members has ever refused to assist a student because of their sexual status or orientation.

She was responding to an article in the Gleaner newspaper on Monday, which claimed that several Counselors were denying service to students who identify as members of the LGBT community.

Miss Dixon says any Counselor guilty of such conduct would be sacked.

The newspaper article quoted Ms. Dixon saying that some of her members have turned away LGBT students who come to them seeking help.

The article has angered some child and LGBT advocates, who’ve demanded an investigation by the Education Ministry.

But according to Ms. Dixon, she’s been misquoted.

She’s clarifying that what he in fact said is that some Counselors are uncomfortable dealing with students who identify as LGBT.

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Ms. Dixon says Guidance Counselors are able to refer those cases with which they’re either uncomfortable or incapable of handling.

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The Principal of Denbigh High School, Kasan Troupe says it’s highly unlikely that any Guidance Counselor would refuse to help LGBT students.

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Ms. Troupe, a former Guidance Counselor, is welcoming the attention being given to the plight of those students in the school system who are different.

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