General Secretary of the governing People’s National Party, Paul Burke, says there’s no panic over the Prime Minister’s latest dismal poll numbers.

A Gleaner-commissioned Bill Johnson poll in September shows Mrs. Simpson Miller’s favourability ratings at only 36-percent.

It’s the lowest favourability rating of her career, plunging from high of 78-percent in 2006.

Fifty-one percent of the 1,200 participants in the Bill Johnson poll had an unfavourable opinion of the Prime Minister.

There are only fourteen months before general elections are constitutionally due.

But the PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, isn’t panicked over his party leader’s dismal showing in the polls.

Mr. Burke says the party’s internal polls are showing different results.

One of the criticisms of Mrs. Simpson Miller is her lack of engagement with the media and a seeming lack of leadership on important national issues.

But Burke says those are misconceptions.

However, the PNP Gen-Sec does concede that the party needs to communicate better.

According to Burke, the leading issues captured by their internal polls include unemployment, the drought and the rising murder rate in some parishes.