Co-Chairman of the National Council on Reparation, Professor Verene Shepherd says the University of Glasgow is one of several UK based universities that’s seeking to make amends for slavery in the Caribbean.

News recently emerged that the University of Glasgow benefited from almost JMD$34-billion from slavery in Africa and the Caribbean.

Professor Shepherd says while the University has opted to dialogue and partner with the University of the West Indies to make amends, nothing has been inked.

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A Gleaner report on Sunday suggested that the University of Glasgow was planning on paying UWI over 200 million pounds in cash and kind for reparation.

But Professor Shepherd insists that’s not so and that things are at a delicate stage.

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In the meantime, Professor Emeritus at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Sir Geoff Palmer, cautioned against Jamaica focusing on the error in the report rather than the gains mentioned.

He says there are many ways that a partnership could benefit the people of the region through exchange programmes, scholarships and grants.

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The Gleaner subsequently updated its report online.