British Prime Minister David Cameron this morning described the Transatlantic Slave Trade as uncivilized and abhorrent, during his address at a special sitting of the joint houses of parliament at Gordon House.

But Cameron resisted calls for him to apologize for Britain’s role in slavery.

He also avoided the issue of reparations during his 20 minute speech.

Since news came that Prime Minister Cameron would be visiting Kingston, a number of persons including Opposition MP, Mike Henry, Historian, Professor Verene Sheperd and leading attorneys, Lord Anthony Gifford QC and Bert Samuels have demanded that he address the issue of reparations.

The British Prime Minister today condemned slavery, but did not respond to calls for him to apologize and announce plans for reparations.

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Cameron said it’s time move on from what he described as the dark times of the TransAtlantic slave trade.

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Cameron lauded ties between Jamaica and the UK.

He said he was in Jamaica to celebrate.

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Meantime .. lawmakers in the Jamaican parliament applauded loudly, as Cameron spoke of the urgent need to use transparency to stamp out corruption.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Cameron also announced the launch of a Caribbean Partnership Fund, valued at £300-million.

He says the fund will be available to Caribbean states to pursue infrastructure development and address the scourge of poverty .

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Mr. Cameron says Britain is committed to its partnership with the Caribbean.

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