The St. Ann Police say they’ve received no reports of sexual assault of tourists in resorts in the parish.

The Police were responding to an article in — USA Today earlier this week– that Jamaica’s tourism sector is facing a ‘historic’ sexual assault problem.

The article reports that 78 US citizens have been raped in Jamaica, over the past seven years.

It also lists some resorts in tourism hotspots like Ocho Rios, St . Ann and Montego Bay in St James, as places where visitors have been raped.

Head of the St. Ann Police, Senior Superintendent, Michael Smith, was speaking Wednesday during Nationwide’s People’s Agenda Town Hall in the parish.

The Senior Policeman took over the helm of the Division earlier this year.

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He says the parish has recorded 18 rapes so far this year. This, compared to 20 this time last year.

Senior Superintendent Smith says the parish has an 89-percent clear up rate for rapes.

The St. Ann Police Chief also gave an update on the investigation into the murder of 14-year-old Raven Wilson.

The Ocho Rios High School student’s body was found last month with a wound to the face, minutes away from her home.

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And, Senior Superintendent Smith made this call.

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