Murder accused Noel Maitland is being victimized and his rights are being trampled in police custody.

That’s according to his attorney, Christopher Townsend.

Maitland, a Police Constable, appeared in the Home Circuit Court on Wednesday.

He was remanded in custody until January 17, 2024 for a plea and case management hearing.

Shaloy Smikle reports.

Mr. Townsend submitted that his client complained about a particular police sergeant who is treating him unfairly.

But presiding Judge, Vinette Graham-Allen stopped Mr. Townsend before he could provide details.

Mrs. Graham Allen instructed Mr. Townsend to put the concerns in writing to the relevant agencies.

She said as a policeman, Maitland should know that such concerns are to be addressed to the relevant agencies.

A renewed bail application for Maitland was aborted on Wednesday.

The court was informed by the prosecutor that the case file is complete.

However, the prosecutor requested two weeks to serve notice on the witnesses for the trial.

The witness list is to be disclosed to the defense on or before December 6.

At the previous sitting on November 1, Maitland appeared in court wearing a grey shirt, a pair of white shorts and slippers.

On Wednesday he suited up, dressed in a grey jacket with matching pants and black formal shoes.

Maitland is charged with the murder of his social media influencer girlfriend, Donna Lee Donaldson and for preventing the lawful burial of a corpse.

Donaldson was reported missing on July 13 last year.

Her body has still not been found.

However, the police have concluded that Donaldson was killed on July 12 sometime between 4pm and 8pm.