The Police say the situation is back to normal at the Ocho Rios Police Station.

News came Wednesday of a stand-off between inmates and officers at the station.

The military and a fire unit being called to the scene.

The main gate to the station was also closed off to the public.

But Inspector Robert Forbes says things are now under control at the facility following the transfer of several inmates from the lockup.

He said he could not comment on what had happened or on the number of inmates moved.

Just after 6:15 Wednesday evening, at least four inmates, who had been placed in a police panel truck, were driven away, reportedly being taken to Portland.

They are said to have been the ring leaders in attacking police, who went to the cells at the Ocho Rios station.

The police report that they went to the cells to conduct a search but faced resistance.

They said they had to subdue the men.

One inmate was injured and had to be taken to hospital where he was treated and released.

The inmates, who confronted police were not the ones charged Tuesday in relation to the beating of another prisoner.