Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, says the delay in the implementation of the new fees to June 1 is not enough time.

But he’s welcomed it as ‘a step in the right direction’.

Mr Holness wants the fees to be reduced.

In a statement this afternoon, he says the desperate crowds seen at the offices of PICA, is a clear and compelling indication that the people will not be able to afford the new rates when they take effect.

Earlier today, Mr. Holness visited PICA’s headquarter in St. Andrew.

Andrew Holness was greeted by a crowd of hundreds in long lines, as people converged to process their passports at the existing rates.

Some in the crowd say they had assembled from as early as 1am, trying to beat the rush to process their documents before the new fees take effect on May 26.

Mr. Holness says he has met with members of PICA’s management team.

He says the situation can only be resolved if the price increase is delayed.

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Mr. Holness says the increase in the passport fees is another attempt by the government to secretly introduce new taxes.

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And Mr Holness says the large crowd at PICA’s office is an indication that Jamaicans are suffering.

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