Murders in the month of November increased by 85-percent compared to last year.

According to data from the JCF’s Statistics Unit, there were 152 murders last month.

During the same period last year, there were 82 murders.

The figure also stands out when compared to the previous month, October 2016, in which there were 107 murders.

The number of murders in November is 42-percent higher than October.

The November killings have been by far the largest amount in a single month for at least the past three years.

The spike has been fueled in large part by three parishes – Westmoreland, St. James and St. Catherine, which together accounted for more than one out of every two murders islandwide.

St. Catherine alone was responsible for one out of every four murders nationally.

The November massacre has contributed to the murder tally for the year already surpassing 12-hundred.

Up to November 30, there were 1,210 murders across the island.

That’s a nearly 7-percent increase over last year, and a 30-percent increase over 2014.

The projection by the police is for the year to end at between 1,324 and 1,380 murders.

That’s a murder rate of a whopping 49 per 100,000 people. Put another way, it is an average of nearly 4 murders per day.