The Nurses’ Association of Jamaica, NAJ, says it has an open mind as it awaits the next meeting with the government over wage negotiations.

This comes amid a persistent sickout by now over 2,000 rank and file police personnel and an indication from the Jamaica Teachers’ Association that teachers may take industrial action when school reopens next week if their demands are not met.

President of the NAJ, Carmen Johnson, says her members are anxious but not agitated.

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The NAJ, last met with the Finance Ministry in early December and rejected the government’s six percent wage increase over the two year period 2017 to 2019.

Ms. Johnson, says she intends to reach out to the government by tomorrow to set a new meeting date.

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Hundreds of rank and file members of the JCF staged a sickout over the busy Christmas period, in protest of the government’s persistent six percent wage increase offer.

And this morning President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Georgia Waugh Richards, told Nationwide News that the union’s action committee remains on standby depending on the outcome of its meeting with the government tomorrow. She said if nothing changes, teachers can’t guarantee a normal start to the new school term next week.

The government has also consistently offered the teachers a six percent wage increase for the period 2016-2017.