The Nurses’ Association of Jamaica, NAJ, is calling off the sick-out that has weakened the already ailing health sector since yesterday.

President of the NAJ, Carmen Johnson is appealing to nurses across the island to return to work.

This after the nurses staged the two-day sick-out in protest against the slow pace of wage negotiations and the government’s offer of a 6-percent wage increase spread over the 2017-2019 contract period.

The Ministry of Labour summoned representatives of the NAJ and the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service to an emergency meeting this afternoon.

Ms Johnson says the Finance Ministry is to inform nurses of the next wage negotiation meeting by Monday.

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The NAJ President says about 51-percent of nurses across the island stayed off the job today.

And, almost 25 per cent of nurses island wide did not report for the morning shift yesterday. She has a theory for what she says may have ‘broken’ the nurses yesterday.

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