The National Works Agency, NWA, is advising that heavy rains over the last 48 hours in the North-eastern parishes of St. Mary and Portland have impacted several road, reducing them to single lane access.

Manager Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, says that consistent rains over the weekend have impacted the roads from Alligator Church to Bellevue and Port Antonio to Nonsuch in Portland. 

Also, in Portland, sections of the main road from Balcarres to Wakefield have been reduced to single lane. The corridor is being impacted by landslides and mudflows, which have blocked critical drains. 

In St. Mary, work crews have now fully reopened the road through the Junction, which was overnight reduced to single lane, due to landslides and fallen trees. Mr. Shaw says the NWA parish teams are monitoring the impacted areas as the parishes continue to experience some rainfall.

Motorists are therefore being urged to exercise caution while using the affected corridors.