The National Works Agency (NWA) is racing against the clock to spend over $1-billion, which has been allocated to it for road repairs before the close of the current fiscal year.

That’s according to NWA CEO, E.G Hunter. He was addressing today’s sitting of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee.

Mr. Hunter says with no special procurement rules attached to the expenditure the NWA will have to be creative to ensure the expenditure is made in a timely manner.

NWA CEO E.G Hunter says while his agency would require in excess of $8-billion to attend to all major roadways under his jurisdiction the government has only provided him with a fraction of that.

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However, Mr. Hunter says normal procurement guidelines are in play for the funding which creates certain hurdles. He says this will require clever and careful planning to overcome.

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He says though the NWA has already canvassed the needs of Members of Parliament further follow up will be done within the coming weeks. He’s also urging MPs to be cognizant of the project costs to avoid the time constraints.

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