The National Works Agency (NWA) is scrambling to spend one-billion dollars allocated in the second supplementary estimates of expenditure for this fiscal year before the funding is returned to the Consolidated Fund.

NWA CEO, Everton Hunter, is again urging MPs not to be delinquent in submitting their suggestions for the programme or he’ll be forced to take unilateral action.

It’s just over two weeks before fiscal year 2017-2018 comes to a close, ushering in the next financial year. That’s how long NWA CEO, Everton Hunter, has to spend one-billion dollars allocated for additional road patching. He says so far only a framework for a programme exists.

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The NWA CEO says to expedite things the agency will be taking a more centralized approach.

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Mr Hunter says the NWA is fairly confident it’ll be able to make serious inroads into the project over the next two weeks provided the supply of asphaltic concrete holds.

Last month, Mr. Hunter raised concerns that some MPs were delinquent in providing their input for the islandwide patching programme previously announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Mr. Hunter once again pleaded with MP’s that their timely response is needed for the road works programme to be carried out with dispatch.

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