The President of the National Water Commission (NWC) Mark Barnett, says it’s illegal for someone to resell water they receive from the NWC.

This, after the PNP’s candidate-elect for West Rural St. Andrew, Jennifer Housen, came under fire recently for trying to have residents of Mount Zion in Red Hills, St. Andrew build a standpipe connecting to one of their neighbour’s legal NWC connection.

But Mr. Barnett says that’s not allowed under the law, and they could be prosecuted for doing that.

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Ms. Housen had written a letter to Mount Zion residents offering to collect money on their behalf to pay for pipes and other materials to connect them to their neighbour’s water supply.

In the letter, Housen says the neighbour, whom she identifies as a Mrs. Jones, had given permission for the water to run from her main pipe to the community.

However, the NWC President says if residents want to access water, they’ll have to apply directly to the NWC.

And, he says the Commission would have to ensure the residents are not squatting before they can connect them.

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