The National Water Commission, NWC, is ramping up its action on illegal connections.

In a statement today, the NWC says six people with illegal connections were prosecuted for owing the company nearly half-a-million dollars.

Another 26 people were taken before the courts as the NWC started civil action to recover over $10-million in outstanding balances.

Additionally, the NWC says between July and September, twenty cases were successfully prosecuted, resulting in an increase in revenues of $887,000.

The Water Commission says it’s prepared to use the full extent of its legal powers to prosecute those with illegal connections and to collect the monies owed to them.

They’re issuing a warning that where illegal and bypass connections are discovered, the property owners will be liable for back charges, as well as possible prosecution and arrest.

The NWC says they can also seize property owned by individuals who have failed to honour their water bills.