The National Water Commission, NWC says it will this week be installing 50,000 solid state water meters.

The meters were procured as part of its Non Revenue Water or NRW programme for the Kingston Metropolitan Area Water Supply Improvement Project, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.

The NWC says the solid state meters are among a new generation of metering instruments and technology that utility providers around the world are using to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

It says its looking to replace meters in St. Andrew and has already begun to notify customers of the impending meter changes.

NWC is urging customers to cooperate with the professional installation crews who will be properly identified.

The new meters are seen as an essential part of the process of making the NWC more efficient, reducing the cause of disputes and disagreements with customers as well as ensuring that the company is able to accurately measure and collect for the water it supplies.

The new water meters have a shelf life of up to 15 years and require limited maintenance, while providing a
more accurate measurement of water usage.

They’re also said to be tamper resistant.

The NWC says the meters, manufactured in Germany, are rated among the best in the world and are approved by the Jamaica Bureau of Standards and other regulatory authorities.