The National Water Commission, NWC, is again coming under fire, from thousands of Corporate Area residents who’re without the precious commodity.

Some Opposition Members of Parliament yesterday called on the government to address the water crisis they say has been affecting their constituencies for almost a year.

In response, the NWC says it’s moving to address the issue, promising water would have returned to the pipes of several residents, by last evening.

Stevian Simmonds reports:

Thousands of NWC customers have been grappling with dry taps, and their anger is now running over.

They joined the MPs for East Central St. Andrew, Dr. Peter Phillips; Western St. Andrew, Anthony Hylton; South Western St. Andrew, Dr. Angela Brown Burke and Southern St. Andrew, Mark Golding, who yesterday released a joint statement saying the water crisis is crippling domestic households, businesses, schools and other important institutions in communities across all four constituencies.

One resident of Duhaney Park in St Andrew, Dorothy, says she’s been battling low to no water supply since last year.

Yet, the Duhaney Park resident says her monthly bills from the water commission have remained constant.

A resident of Molynes Road, who identified himself as Bookman, blasted the NWC, saying he’s annoyed by the water commission’s ineptitude.

And, this resident, Desmond, complained that the NWC is short of technically skilled personnell.

Acting President of the NWC, Garth Jackson, bravely tried to appease the water company’s frustrated customers.

He along with the angry residents were speaking last evening during Nationwide @ 5.

Mr Jackson says fluctuation in the power supply from the Jamaica Public Service also affects the NWC’s operations.

The acting NWC boss says the commission is moving to restore water supply to all its customers as soon as possible.