A report by the Office of the Children’s Advocate has found that the country’s leading child care institution, the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, the CPFSA, failed to protect female wards of the state after learning that the leader of an American charity, Carl Robanske, should not be allowed to interact with minors.

In an explosive report, the Diahann Gordon Harrison-led Commission of Parliament, has specifically accused the CPFSA’s long standing Chief Executive Officer, Rosalee Gage-Grey, of gross failure to protect minors in state care, complicity with Robanske’s charity and lying in attempts to cover up the inappropriate acts committed by Robanske.

Despite being aware of Robanske’s previous suspension for inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor, the CPFSA continued its relationship with him, and allowed him access to minors in Jamaican state-care.

One of three wards of the state told the investigators that Robanske showed her his erect naked penis on a video call and in-person, and inappropriately touched her on a CPFSA outing.

The revelations in the 93 page report obtained by Nationwide News are bound to spark calls for Gage-Grey to resign or be fired.

The report has been forwarded to Parliament.

Ricardo Brooks has this Nationwide News follow up to the story we broke almost two years ago.

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Nationwide Exclusive: Partnership Between CPFSA & Man Accused of Inappropriate Communications With a Minor Uncovered

Office of Children’s Advocate Investigating Partnership Between CPFSA and Carl Robanske Following Nationwide News Exclusive

It was Nationwide News that first reported in March 2021 the relationship between Carl Robanske’s Embracing Orphans Foundation and the CPFSA.

That relationship raised red flags as Robanske had had his education certificate in the U.S. suspended for two years after he admitted to having sexually inappropriate conversations with a minor.

The CPFSA became aware of his misconduct in 2018. Despite this knowledge, Jamaica’s leading child care agency continued its relationship with Robanske.

In defending the decision to continue the association, the CPFSA’s executive director, Rosa lee Gage Grey, reportedly testified before the Children’s Advocate that her Agency took into account the nature of the incident, whether it was a criminal conviction or professional misconduct and the length of time that had elapsed since the incident and when it was revealed to the CPFSA in 2018.

In fact, it took three years to terminate the relationship, and only after it was directed to do so by the Ministry of Education and Youth following Nationwide‘s reporting.

The Office of the Children Advocate says that delay by the CPFSA compromised the well established and undergirding principles of safeguarding children.

Over the three years it took the CPFSA to terminate its relationship with Robanske, he continued to have access to children in the care and protection of the Jamaican State. This despite an alleged directive that Robanske was not to have access to wards of the Jamaican State.

But records indicate Robanske visited the facility, The Father’s House, which also housed minors, at least 22 times March 2018 and November 2019. During those visits, Robanske often watched movies with the vulnerable girls up to 10 at nights with the lights off.

It’s not clear from the OCA report what level of supervision was given by the CPFSA on these visits.

The daily visitors logs contradict Gage Grey’s response to the Children’s Advocate that Robanske had no access to the wards of the state after his misconduct came to light in 2018.

Gage Grey also reportedly had direct knowledge that Robsanke was still in contact with wards after her purported directive in 2018, as she was reportedly present at a 2019 Christmas dinner sponsored by him.

The CPFSA failings which allowed Robanske continued access to vulnerable girls in state-care is now under scrutiny following corroborated allegations of sexually inappropriate conduct by Robanske with three of the wards.

One of the two girls makes two allegations.

In the first, she says Robanske showed her his erect naked penis on a Facebook video call. In the second alleged incident, Robanske was present on a trip to Dunn’s River Falls in St. Ann.

The ward, who is referred to as Resident A, alleges that Robsanke exposed his erect penis to her and asked her to feel it. The ward says she refused. Robanske then allegedly asked her whether his penis was bigger than her boyfriend’s.

The OCA report says the ward testified that Robanske would skilfully touch her under the water so that those around would not notice what was happening.

The allegations have reportedly been corroborated by the ward’s boyfriend, who alleges he saw the inappropriate messages between Resident A and Robanske. He alleges that Robanske would ask his girlfriend about his penis size and discuss his own penis size with her. The boyfriend alleges that he took screen shots of the messages, after confronting Robanske on Facebook.

The screen shots have been shared with the Office of the Children’s Advocate.

Excerpts of the screen shot messages are in the report obtained by Nationwide News.

Screenshots of excerpts of a social media conversation reportedly between Carl Robanske and a ward of the state.

Another ward alleges that Robanske touched her lower back and the top of her bottom in a manner which made her uncomfortable.

This experience was reported directly to Rosalee Gage-Grey who reportedly only indicated attempts would be made to relocate the girl from the Father’s House facility.

The Office of the Children’s Advocate says Mrs. Gage Grey made no attempt to confirm when the incident occurred. The OCA says the incident highlights the inadequacy of the CEO and the CPFSA’s approach to the Robanske affair.

At least one other ward says Carl Robanske attempted to peep at her while she was changing on a trip to Dunn’s River.

Repeated calls to Gage-Grey’s cell phone this afternoon went unanswered. Nationwide News has sent written queries to Mrs.Gage Grey for a response.

The OCA report is expected to be tabled in Parliament this week.