The Office of the Children’s Advocate says it will be launching an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a 23-month-old baby in a barrel in St. Elizabeth.

The police report that the baby was found dead in a barrel, packed head first with clothes and foodstuff.

The baby has been identified as Jaydeen Myers of Grosmond Braes River.

Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison says he office is waiting on the outcome of the police probe to decide what action can be taken.

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She says if the dead child had any siblings the office would step in to offer counseling.

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Diahann Gordon Harrison, Children’s Advocate, speaking with Nationwide News.

Reports are that Jaydeen’s mother had prepared her for a bath about 2pm on Saturday when she was distracted by her other children.

When she returned some time later the toddler was nowhere to be seen.

After hours of frantic search, the body of the child was found by a relative in the barrel which was standing upright.

Reports say the relative went to the barrel to remove foodstuff and felt something ‘out of place’.

It turned out to be Jaydeen’s foot.

The removal of several items from the barrel revealed the child’s lifeless body.