The Office of The Children’s Advocate, OCA, is asking parents to be vigilant as a new suicide game makes its way around the globe and into Caribbean territories.

The OCA says the call follows reports that within the last six months, the game called the Blue Whale Challenge originating in Russia, has been blamed for the suicide deaths of more than 130 children.

The game consists of 50 challenges, each of which needs to be performed daily.

The OCA says each challenge is intended to encourage the player to do things like jump from the roof of a building, cut their skin with a razor in the shape of a whale or to hang themselves on day 50 in order to be declared the ‘winner’.

The activities are assigned daily by a ‘group administrator’ who’s responsible for issuing each group member with their tasks.

Warnings about the Blue Whale Challenge have been issued in European countries where authorities have urged parents to be alert to sudden changes in the behaviour of their children, especially if they are frequent users of social media.

The OCA says Caribbean territories such as Martinique and St. Lucia have been issuing alerts to schools outlawing the game and highlighting the dangers.

They have also called on the School Heads to be vigilant in regard to young people placed in their care, especially those who appear to be most vulnerable.

Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison, says Jamaica need to be proactive on this issue.