Contractor General, Dirk Harrison, today blasted Caricel, accusing the company and one of its financiers, George Neil, of being disingenuous.

A militant Dirk Harrison today told a Private Sector Organization of Jamaica breakfast at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel that Caricel is guilty of attempting to mislead.

Mr. Harrison says after adverse traces were identified by law enforcement regarding Neil, questionable changes were made to documents used by Caricel in the application process.

The Contractor General accused Caricel and Mr. Neil of being disingenuous.

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Mr. Harrison suggested that the Caricel issue has laid bare that the process of vetting companies in Jamaica is not adequate.

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The tough-talking Contractor General says there’s a tendency in Jamaica by successive administrations to engage the same people and do things the same way despite negative outcomes.

Harrison made this point as he quoted a newspaper article a few years ago about the termination of the services of Ian Moore as Board Chairman of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica.

Moore is connected to Caricel.

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